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  July 2017

The BHS is a informal group of binocular collectors. Q+A is shared by a "binocular list" mail.
If you are a binocular collector, join the "binocular list" by sending a mail to: telscope-at-europa-dot-com.

website: The history of the telescope & the binocular

Below, some photos from meetings in the past. Our meetings live on informal mutual exchange of ideas as well as on letting others participate in our special knowledge we have gathered and researched.
Next BHS Meeting:
06 – 08 Oktober 2017
BHS München 2017
were: Hotel Hilton Munich City Germany.
Hilton Munich City
Hilton Munich City
Meetings (organised by the members) in the USA and Europe.

Actual organisation committee for metings:

Jack Kelly, USA
Jürgen Laucher, Germany
Martin Soerensen, Germany
Frank Weissörtel, Germany
Uli Zeun, Germany
Wetzlar 2015 pictures:

BHS Wetzlar 2015 by Uli Zeun

BHS Wetzlar 2015 by Peter de Laet

Wetzlar 2015

BHS 2015 Wetzlar programm

Wetzlar, Germany, 2015, the city

BHS Wetzlar 2015 by Hans Ploegmakers
pictures from older meetings

BHS Den Haag 2013 by Ulrich Zeun

BHS Den Haag 2013 by jantom

BHS Den Haag 2013 at Louwman
BHS 2013 Den Haag programm
BHS Den Haag 2013 by Peter De Laet
2013 meeting Tucson Arizona (scroll) BHS Jena 2011 at Zeiss BHS Jena 2011 by jantom
bhs jena 2011
pictures from others: BHS Jena 2011
2010 Meeting Vancouver, WA, USA
BHS Meeting Wetzlar 2007: Ulrich Zeun
BHS Rathenow 2009
BHS Rathenow 2009
BHS Meeting Rathenow 2009: Ulrich Zeun BHS Wetzlar 2007
BHS Wetzlar 2007 at Carl Zeiss
Wetzlar 2007 meeting report BHS Solms Leica
BHS Solms 2006 at Leica
Sept. 10, 2005, BHS meting at Leica Camera, UK, hosted by Gary Hawkins
BHS Meeting 2004 Koblenz: Peter Abrahams Sept. 2004, Meting with BWB + WTS in Koblenz, Germany. Hosted by Hans Seeger, Lothar Esch, & Peter Abrahams. March 2004, Tucson USA at the Viscount Suite Hotel.
Fan Tao Kassel
BHS Meeting 2004 Koblenz: Fan Tao
BHS meting 2003 San Diego USA
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Binocular History Society
Albrecht Köhler Alfred Klomp Anna + Terry Vacani
Bruno Pietrini Dan Dunn Dave Trott
Dirk Panczyk: Fernglas-Vitrine Frank Ziegenhein Frank + Peter Ziegenhein
Frank Lagorio Frank: WpgBinocular Gary Hawkins
Guido Thürnagel Holger Merlitz (search your self) Holger Merlitz
Johann Leichtfried John Greivenkamp Jürg Dedual
Mario Rossi Mark Ohno Melinda & Dean Ketelsen (scroll)
Michio Akyama Nekosan Paulstiger
Per Corell Peter Abrahams Peter Hunt
Per Corell: Vintage Prism binoculars
Robert Forslund Rolf Merkel
Simon Spiers Snyder  Tatsushi Nishioka
Ted Brink Thomas Mix Timo Mappes
Ulrich Zeun Monocular Info Szextant
Tatsushi Nishioka 2
Steve Tonkin Binocular Sky
The Eye of the Flak
Franks Binoculars
Rafael Chamón Cobos

Dirk Böhling: Lippisches Kamera Museum Museum of Optics Meridiankreis
Binocular The history of the telescope and binocular Zeiss Feldstecher
Binoculars of the Armed Forces
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Jack Kelly
Anna Vacani
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Netherlands Teylers, Haarlem
Louwman Collection of Historic Telescopes

Germany Optisches Museum Jena Optik Industrie Museum Rathenow Zeiss Optical Museum, Oberkochen
Schott Glas Museum, Jena Viseum, Wetzlar
Stadt- und Industriemuseum Museum, Wetzlar

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National Maritime Museum London

USA Optical Heritage Museum, Southbridge, MA. Museum of Optics, Tucson, AZ Museum of Vision, San Francisco, CA

USSR Museum of Optical Technologies Optical Museum, St Petersburg
Films on youtube
Manufacture of optical glass
Optical glass at B&L Bausch.&.Lomb. company film, 1940s. 'To greater vision'
Carl Zeiss factory in 1926 Carl Zeiss Jena, Old Commercial
Manufacturing Leica products
The history of the telescope and binocular

Nikon Sport Optics wczoraj i dziś – część 1

Twentse Vogelwerkgroep

repair - reparatie Anna + Terry Vacani London, England OPTREP, England Cory Suddarth, Oklahoma, USA
binocular repair at Google Zeiss, Germany, Swiss, Austria Baker Marine, San Diego, USA
Binocular+Telescope Tech. Services, Australia
Roger’s Optics and Restoration, Australia

Astroshop, Germany
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